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Environmentalist * Human Rights Advocate

"Among legislators,Senator Heherson Alvarez, the father of Land Reform Law, is one of the most principled."
                         - Former Senate President Neptali Gonzales

"He's among the few in our officialdom who have displayed competence, inteligence and integrity."
                        - Napoleon Rama, Publisher/Editor, Manila Bulletin/Panorama

"For Sonny Alvarez, the fight for justice, freedom and democracy, nationalism and human rights is a struggle that will never end."
                       - Larry Henares, Write/TV Host

One of the youngest Constitutional Convention delegates of 1971 who opposed the dictatorship and one of the few who refused to sign the Marcos-dictated Constitution.

Evaded a "Shoot-to-Kill" order, went on exile and founded the opposition movement that cut military and economic aid to the dictatorship. The Wall Street Journal called this movement, the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM), the biggest and most organized opposition movement in the US.

His brother was tortured and killed, which caused the death of his father.

"The brother of a leading Marcos critic, Heherson Alvarez, was picked up... and later found, mangled beyond recognition, bearing the marks of a diabolical torture... a most heinous crime (perpetrated) under Martial Law." - Jaime Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, Philippines

Founder and President of NAM, directed the search and expose of the hidden Marcos wealth in the U.S. which was serialized by, and later won the Pulitzer Prize, for the San Jose Mercury News, California.

OUTSTANDING Human Rights Award, Fund for Free Expression, New York

SENATOR, 12 years (Two terms non-extendible)
Consistently awarded Outstanding Senator by the different media and civic groups, 1987-1998

»  Commissioner, Climate Change Commission (present)

»  Commissioner and Vice Chairperson, Climate Change Commission (2010-2011)

»  Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change (2009-2010)

»  Member, Board of Directors, Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC) (2008)

»  Chairman/CEO (Cabinet Rank), Philippine Mining Development Corporation (PMDC) (July 2007-May 2008)

»  Presidential Adviser on Agrarian Reform (2005 - 2007)

»  Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Communities (2003)

»  Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (2001 - 2002)

»  Member, Congress of the Philippines (1998-2001)

»  Ambassador, Extraordinary Plenipotentiary (1986)

»  Secretary, Department of Agrarian Reform (1986-1987)

»  National Spokesperson, Lakas-CMD (Leading Political Party)

»  Awarded:
   ›  International Public Policy Achievement Award,
      Climate Institute, Washington, D.C., September 1996, First Asian Recipient
   ›  Ten Most Outstanding Leaders of the North, Tawid Awards
   ›  EDSA People Power Freedom Award, People Power Commission
   ›  Likas Yaman Special Citation, Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources.
   ›  Most Outstanding Senate Lawmaker in Environmental Protection,
      UP Institute for Strategic Development Studies.
   ›  Gawad Sagisag Quezon, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino, 2008
   ›  Outstanding Alumnus Award, University of the Philippines
   ›  Alphan Excellence Award, Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity Chancery, UP (2007)
   ›  Golden Oblation Award, UP     
   ›  Gusi Peace Prize for Public Service, 2007
   ›  Shining World Leadership Award, The Supreme Master Ching Hai
      International Association, 2007
   ›  Outstanding Human Rights Award by the Fund for Free Expression,
      New York, USA  

»  Named as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Delegates, 1971 Constitutional Convention

»  M.A. Public Administration, Harvard University, USA

»  Degree of Juris Doctor, Honoris Causa,  Stratford International University, School of Engineering and Environmental Management, Wyoming USA

»  Ph. D., Honoris Causa, Environmental Science

»  Studied Liberal Arts and Law, University of the Philippines

»  Environmentalist, Leading voice on the environment in the country, led legislative initiatives on major laws on environmental protection.

      ›  Author, Clean Air Act of 1999, National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act, Solid Waste Management Act, Northern Sierra Madre Protected Area Act, Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan.

      ›  Initiator, Healthy Air Pact of 1993 that drastically reduced lead and introduced unleaded gasoline in the Philippines.

»  Founding Chairman, Earthsavers Movement.

»  Panelist, International Conference on Defense of the Oceans

»  Member, Asian Parliamentarians' Conference on Envirionment and Development (APCED)

»  Chairman, Advisory Board, Manila Baywatch

»  Convening Chairman, 1996 Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Seas (ACOPS) Ministerial Meeting; 1995 First Asia-Pacific Leaders' Conference on Climate Change (ASPAC-LCCC)

»  Author, Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL); Cooperative Development Authority (CDA); Law creating the Deparment of Energy; Law creating the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)