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"Sen. Heherson Alvarez  is   a  prominent
 leader in the Philippines  who has  made
 major   contributions  in  the  fields  of
 energy, environment and climate change,
 both  in  the  country  and  globally."

                -  Dr. RAJENDRA K. PACHAURI,
                   Chairman, UN Intergovernmental  Panel on
                   Climate Change (IPCC) Nobel  Peace  Prize
                   Laureate, 2007

 “Heherson Alvarez is  not the Al Gore of
  the  Philippines.  Al Gore is the  Alvarez
  of the world.”

               -  John C. Topping Jr., President
                  Climate Institute, Washington, D.C.
                  December 2009


• As  an  environmentalist   and  chairman  of  the
  Senate Committee  on Environment for 10 years,
  he made the environment issue a major national

• Cited as the “Most Outstanding Senate Lawmaker
  in  Environmental  Protection” by the UP Institute
  for Strategic Development.

• Convened the First Asia-Pacific Leaders Conference
  on Climate Change in 1955.

• Became the first Secretary of the Climate Change

• Introduced unleaded gasoline into the country in
  1994. To achieve this he brought together the 3
  major  oil  players  in  the country – Shell,  Caltex
  and  Petron – to  sign  the  Healthy  Air  Pact  of
  1993 with President Fidel V. Ramos. That initiated
  the drastic removal of lead from gasoline.


•  In 1993, He initiated the signing of the "Healthy Air Pact", an agreement voluntarily entered into by the three major oil companies which paved the way for the reduction of the lead content in gasoline, from 0.6 g/l to 0.15 g/l, the reduction of the sulfur content of diesel, and eventually for the introduction of unleaded gasoline in February 1994. Since then, an estimated 260 tons of lead in the atmosphere have been removed annually, and about P538 million savings on health costs have been realized.

•  He secured the support of President Ramos for contests on Cleanest and Greenest Cities/Municipalities which were adopted by the Department of Local Government and of Department of Education, Culture and Sports for revival of water bodies, cleaning of markets and school campuses.

•  As Founding Chairman of the EarthSavers Movement, he initiated the DREAMS Academy as its training arm and supported the Earthsavers DREAMS Ensemble, a group of physically-challenged and underprivileged, but talented youth, actively involved in rehabilitation and social integration activities. A model of environmental education through the arts and media, the group received rave reviews for their effective eco-education messages at the Social Summit in Copenhagen Habitat in Istanbul, World Youth Festival/Conference for the Year of the Oceans in Lisbon and World Environment Day Forum in Seoul. A drama serial on Population produced by Earthsavers with UNFPA Assistance was cited as a soap opera for social change in a CNN documentary by Barbara Pyle.

•  He successfully rallied the entire country in a 40-day vigil, including a signature campaign, to call for a stop to the nuclear testing in the Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia.

•  He convened the GLOBAL YES-Youth Earthsaving Summit and the Global Indigenous Cultural Olympics Summit (GICOS) to forge partnership between youth and indigenous peoples, to reconcile cultural survival with technological advances as a symbolic vision for sustainable development.

•  He initiated the project for regreening and protecting the Cagayan River watershed with participation of Suma Ching Hai International.

•  He initiated the Laguna Lake Clean Up Project whereby the LLDA, the Local Government Units, the business and the NGO sectors undertook the cooperative activities towards a cleaner and greener Laguna Lake watershed. Through this effort, the Laguna Lake and Mt. Makiling Commission was created for the implementation of a master plan.

•  He authored and published environmental monograms, including various Earthsavers Manuals, a bilingual eco-book, videotape plugs, and audio tapes of songs to support public education in environment. He has also assisted and facilitated the development of a new Soap Opera for Environment with ADB assistance.

•  He has liaised with Philippine Business for Environment and Management Association of the Philippines to promote public acceptance of the "Polluters Pay" principle and appreciation of the systems for environmental and natural resources accounting (ENRA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

Affiliations with International Environmental Organizations and Projects

•  Vice-President for Southeast Asia of the prestigious London-based Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Seas (ACOPS)

•  The leading voice of the Asia Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on Environment and Development (APPCED)

•  Advisory Board, Conservation International Philippine Committee

•  Chairman, Clean-Up the World Philippine Organizing Committee

•  Member, Board of Mentors, UNEP-Youth Advisory Council

•  Philippine Liaison, GLOBE

•  International Advisor, Flora of the Philippine Project with the Bishops Museum in Hawaii

•  Keynote Speaker on Global Warming Conference, Tokyo, 1997

•  Panelist, International Conference on the Defense of the Oceans, USA, 1996

•  Keynote Speaker of the Global Forum on Protecting the World and Its Climate, Washington, 1995

•  Panelist, GLOBE Parliamentarians - Conference and Climate Institute Symposium in Kyoto

•  Board Advisers, Harvard Alumni Association

•  Executive Member, Rotary Club of Pasay

•  Founder, Scholarship Foundation of the Filipino Youth

In the national front, he is:

•  Founding Chairman, Earthsavers Movement

•  Chairman, Advisory Board, Manila Baywatch Foundation

•  Founding Member, Philippine Council for Sustainable Development

•  Trustee, Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development