One of the youngest Constitutional Convention delegates of 1971 who opposed the dictatorship and one of the few who refused to sign the Marcos-dictated Constitution.

Evaded a "Shoot-to-Kill" order, went on exile and founded the opposition movement that cut military and economic aid to the dictatorship. The Wall Street Journal called this movement, the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM), the biggest and most organized opposition movement in the US.

  • Punong Bayani ng Kalikasan

  • Defying Disasters MOU Signing

  • Sustainable Development World Pilot Hero Award

  • Warriors for Global Survival

  • South-South Program for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • NAM Honored Freedom Fighter

  • 1st Philippine Tourism Conference on Climate Change Adaptation

  • Climate Change Mitigation MOA

  • Sustainable Energy Roadmaps

  • 13th Delhi Sustainable Development Summit


Heherson T. Alvarez was first elected to the Philippine Senate in 1987 and was reelected for another six-year term in 1992.


In 1993, Heherson T. Alvarez initiated the signing of the "Healthy Air Pact."


Heherson T. Alvarez was elected representative of the 4th District of Isabela in May 1998 under the Lakas-NUCD-UMDP party which he then served as Secretary General.

DENR Secretary

As DENR Secretary, Heherson T. Alvarez implemented initiatives aimed at making the DENR a more efficient and effective agent for sustainable development in this new millennium.

Human Rights Advocate

Heherson T. Alvarez was one of the youngest and was named one of ten most outstanding delegates of the 1971 Constitutional Convention.

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Among legislators,Senator Heherson
        Alvarez, the father of Land Reform Law,
       is one of the most principled.

     - Sen. Neptali Gonzales, Former Senate President

He's among the few in our officialdom
           who have displayed competence,
           intelligence and integrity.

     - Napoleon Rama, Publisher/Editor, Manila Bulletin/Panorama

For Sonny Alvarez, the fight for justice,
   freedom and democracy, nationalism and human
   rights is a struggle that will never end.

     - Larry Henares, Write/TV Host